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  • Broaden your outlook Broaden your outlook

    This publication gives examples of planning methods that can be used to include the security and gender equality aspects in planning. It is one of three independent booklets that together consider security from a gender equality perspective.

    212,00 kr (inkl moms)
    Leveranstid 3-5 dagar
  • Gender equality on the agenda Gender equality on the agenda

    Gender equality means that women and men are of equal value and have the same rights, obligations and opportunities. In practice, gender equality integration is often about looking at the own operation with new eyes. This booklet is the first of three that together consider gender from a security perspective.

  • Places to feel secure in Places to feel secure in

    Those who plan and design our public spaces need to recognise that a shortcut through a park that allows a person to get home from work a little earlier might feel so insecure for someone else. This publication contains tips and ideas about how you can work to improve security in public places.

    254,40 kr (inkl moms)
    Leveranstid 3-5 dagar
  • Urban treasures Urban treasures

    Results from projects supported by the Delegation for Sustainable Cities

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