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  • The era of cheap mortgages is at an end

    Until now, Swedish banks have been able to offer mortgage borrowers very attractive interest rates. New rules are forcing banks to finance their lending on a more long-term basis, which means that the banks will no longer be able to offer borrowers such cheap short-term loans.

  • The Nature and Role of Building Societies in the UK

    On the mortage market in the United Kingdom,”building societies” have reached a market share of around 20 percent. The report is showing the role that building societies have.

  • Urban Density Done Right Urban Density Done Right

    Densification is not only about building housing. It is also about creating a good built environment for the people who live, work and spend time in the city. Supplementation is intended to create added value, while at the same time making good use of existing values and qualities.

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  • Urban treasures Urban treasures

    Results from projects supported by the Delegation for Sustainable Cities

  • Vision for Sweden 2025 Vision for Sweden 2025

    The purpose of the vision is to present objectives for Sweden's future. On basis of the one hundred national goals, that relate to physical social planning. In order to attain the goals set for a sustainable society by the year 2050 we have to see where Sweden ought to be in the year 2025.

  • Why repay your mortgage? Why repay your mortgage?

    The Swedish household debt has never been as high as now. Are there reasons for households to repay? You will find the answer in this report by Sweden's National Housing Credit Guarantee Board (BKN).

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