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  • Urban treasures Urban treasures

    Results from projects supported by the Delegation for Sustainable Cities

  • Vision for Sweden 2025 Vision for Sweden 2025

    The purpose of the vision is to present objectives for Sweden's future. On basis of the one hundred national goals, that relate to physical social planning. In order to attain the goals set for a sustainable society by the year 2050 we have to see where Sweden ought to be in the year 2025.

  • CE mark now! CE mark now!

    If you are a manufacturer of construction products, you are responsible that your products meet the existing regulations. From 1 July 2013, construction products covered by a harmonised standard must have a declaration of performance and CE marking to be sold within the EU.

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  • Building for a Changing Climate Building for a Changing Climate

    Adaptation through planning and construction can help to reduce the negative effects of climate change, such as flooding, landslides, landslips, and erosion. The brochure provides guidance and support to for example propertyowners, developers and officials in municipalities and the state.

  • 4 World Urban Forum 4 World Urban Forum

    Sweden demonstrated a true commitment to the fourth World Urban Forum in Nanjing by sending a delegation of more than 200 people from national government, government agencies, municipalities, universities and private sector. Here is the report.

  • A history of the Swedish system of non-profit municipal housing A history of the Swedish system of non-profit municipal housing

    Knowledge about the history of the Swedish system of municipal nonprofit housing is crucial to the current debate about the role and future tasks of the municipal housing companies. This paper is a reprint of the original version from Boverket.

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