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  • Urban Density Done Right Urban Density Done Right

    Densification is not only about building housing. It is also about creating a good built environment for the people who live, work and spend time in the city. Supplementation is intended to create added value, while at the same time making good use of existing values and qualities.

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  • Legislation Legislation

    Nu finns en lättillgänglig engelsk översättning av plan- och bygglagen och plan- och byggförordningen på Boverkets webbplats.

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  • Individual metering and charging in existing buildings Individual metering and charging in existing buildings

    Government bill 2013/14:174 stated that it should not be the individual building contractor or owner who assesses whether it is cost-effective to install individual meters; instead Boverket should make a general assessment. Boverket was therefore commissioned to examine whether individual metering and charging is a cost-effective investment, and to specify in which cases metering systems for heating, cooling and domestic hot water should be installed in buildings.

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  • Urban treasures Urban treasures

    Results from projects supported by the Delegation for Sustainable Cities

  • Vision for Sweden 2025 Vision for Sweden 2025

    The purpose of the vision is to present objectives for Sweden's future. On basis of the one hundred national goals, that relate to physical social planning. In order to attain the goals set for a sustainable society by the year 2050 we have to see where Sweden ought to be in the year 2025.

  • Are house prices driven by a housing shortage? Are house prices driven by a housing shortage?

    There are several factors that have an influence on the increasing housing prices. Higher incomes are the strongest factor, because it leads to a stronger demand – with raising prices as a result. Even the living closeness have an effect on prices, as well as expected price increase and terms of lending.

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  • CE mark now! CE mark now!

    If you are a manufacturer of construction products, you are responsible that your products meet the existing regulations. From 1 July 2013, construction products covered by a harmonised standard must have a declaration of performance and CE marking to be sold within the EU.

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  • Why repay your mortgage? Why repay your mortgage?

    The Swedish household debt has never been as high as now. Are there reasons for households to repay? You will find the answer in this report by Sweden's National Housing Credit Guarantee Board (BKN).

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  • Choices on the housing market

    How great are the risks on the housing market, and do they change over time? An important housing choice that we all have to make is whether to rent or buy. We choose what kind of risk we are willing to take.

  • Broaden your outlook Broaden your outlook

    This publication gives examples of planning methods that can be used to include the security and gender equality aspects in planning. It is one of three independent booklets that together consider security from a gender equality perspective.

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