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Developer’s costs


Developing a property entails a number of costs for the developer in addition to the cost of the actual contract.

Examples of the developer's other costs are listed below.

Property acquisition

Refers to the cost of purchase of property with or without buildings.

Property formation/registration

Refers to the cost of subdivision/parcelling, partitioning or merging of plots, and reformation through adjustment of property registration.

Title deed registration

When a property changes owner, the change is registered in the property register and a title deed registration fee is paid by the new owner.

Mortgage deed

A mortgage deed is a document that is used as collateral for loans, which the property owner may need to take.


When a property needs the right to use another property's functions, such as a driveway or well, an easement is set up by Lantmäteriet.

Site map

The site map is a document for the site plan, which is compulsory when the developer applies for a building permit for new construction.

Project design

The project design shall describe in a detailed and professional manner how the construction project is to be carried out.

Project management

Project management comprises the practical work that is done to manage a construction project.

Building permits

The municipality charges a fee for the handling of building permits, registration, decisions on starting clearance and final clearance. This also applies to technical consultation, final consultation and work site visits to the construction site carried out by the municipality.

Completion protection for single-family homes

There is a legal requirement for completion protection in new construction or the renovation of single-family homes on behalf of a consumer. The completion protection consists of an insurance or a bank guarantee.

Construction supervision

Construction supervision including some general administration.

Building inspection and other checks

A person in charge of inspection according to the Planning and Building Act, building inspectors and other leased consultants.


When the building is considered to be completed, it is time for final inspection, also known as the contract inspection. The objective is to check that the contract has been completed according to the agreement(s).

Construction loan

The total cost for interest, arrangement and notice fees and other costs associated with a loan.

Value added tax

Everyone pays value added tax (VAT) on the purchase of goods and services. Developers must therefore pay and file a tax return for VAT.

Connection of water and sewage

The developer pays a connection charge for water and sewage when the building is connected to the municipal water and sewage network.

Connection of electricity, telecommunications and fibre

The owner of the electricity grid in the area where the building has been constructed is obliged to connect the new building to the electricity grid. For this, the electricity grid owner charges a connection fee. The developer decides whether telecommunications and/or fibre shall be connected, also for a fee to the responsible supplier.

Further information

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