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Building as a developer

  1. Analyse construction and housing market 1
  2. Develop building projects 2
  3. Planning process 3
  4. Running a business 4
  5. Project planning 5
  6. Permits and notifications 6
  7. Request for quotation, RFQ, documentation 7
  8. Tendering process 8
  9. Production 9
  10. Inspection and delivery 10
  11. Warranty period 11
  12. Management 12

Project planning

Project planning is the investigation and preparation work needed prior to all major construction. Project planning begins with concept sketches that are gradually specified as details in drawings and other construction documents become clear.

The project planning is normally led by a head of project engineering. In large projects, it is common for special coordinators to be appointed, such as an installation coordinator, who has the task of checking that different project engineers' documents function together in an optimal manner and without different components conflicting with each other.

The overall phases of the project planning

Programme documents

Programme documents – from concept sketch to building permit document and request for quotation documentation. The programme documents are a summary of the conditions for a project and form the basis for decisions on continued project planning.

System documents

System documents – project planning takes place in all included technical areas. The project engineers' documents are prepared and coordinated. System documents provide an overview of the planned construction, its constructive design and its technical installations.

Construction documents

Construction documents – the documents according to which construction is carried out and planning and material purchases are made.

As-built documents

As-built documents – documents that show how the project really turned out after decisions and revisions in the course of the production.

What governs the project planning?

For clients/developers

  • Laws and rules, such as Planning and Building Act and Ordinance, BBR, EKS, electrical safety regulations, BAS-P/U who monitor work environment legislation.
  • Type of contract and procurement
  • Client's requirements in addition to public requirements. For example requirements to follow certain industry standards or environmental classification, requirements on operating economics, material selection, etc.

For contractors

  • Laws and rules, such as Planning and Building Act and Ordinance, BBR, EKS, electrical safety regulations, BAS-P/U who monitor work environment legislation
  • Project planning must be done in accordance with what is agreed in the contract.
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