Boverket´s building regulations – mandatory provisions and general recommendations

Boverket's building regulations, BBR, is valid when you build a new building and when you alter an existing building. BBR consists of details on how to fulfill 8 of the 10 technical characteristic of construction works. BBR also consists of details on how to fulfill the design requirements of buildings (parts of chapter 3 in BBR).

BBR consists of mandatory provisions that you have to fulfill and general recommendations that state how you may fulfill the mandatory provisions. You can choose other solutions then the ones stated in the general recommendations but the verification that you need to do to make sure that the mandatory provisions are fulfilled will be more extensive.

Important information

The following translation is strictly for informative purposes. The legally binding text is found in Boverket's Code of Statutes in Swedish. This version, BBR 23 BFS 2016:6, is not the latest version. Later versions are BBR 24 BFS 2016:13, BBR 25 BFS 2017:5, BBR 26 BFS 2018:4, BBR 27 BFS 2018:15 and are only available in Swedish.

Please note that the Building Regulations are often updated.

The building regulation divided into its 9 chapters

  1. Introduction
  2. General rules for buildings
  3. Accessibility, dwelling design, room height, and utility rooms
  4. Mechanical resistance and stability
  5. Safety in case of fire
  6. Hygiene, health and environment
  7. Protection against noise
  8. Safety in use
  9. Energy management

You will find a link to the building regulation under "Related information".

Further information

For further information, please contact Boverket.

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