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Swedish construction and housing market


An overview of the information needed to start building in Sweden.

Roles and responsibilities

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The state and municipalities as well as other parties are involved in the planning and building process. Examples of other parties are developers and property owners.

Laws and regulations

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There are a number of laws and regulations that apply to building in Sweden.

Analyse construction and housing market

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Boverket produces analyses and forecasts of housing market trends. This allows the authority to give early signals on how the supply and demand for housing are developing in the country.


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To facilitate the process for both developers and banks, Boverket offers credit guarantees. A credit guarantee can be described as an insurance that can be subscribed for loans for new or reconstruction of housing. There are also different financial supports to apply for.


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The National Agency for Public Procurement has an overall responsibility for developing and supporting procurement carried out by contracting authorities and entities. By law, national and municipal clients are obliged to follow special rules for public procurement.

Running a business

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There is plenty of support available for setting up, running and developing a business in Sweden.


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Here you can find information about various products and about environmental certification.


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Land may be acquired through acquisition of land ownership or through a long-term lease agreement. The proceedings differ depending on whether it is private or publicly owned land.

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