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Requests for tenders for public procurements are easiest to find since all state and municipal procurements must be announced according to the Public Procurements Act. It is not as easy to get an overview of private procurements.

State and municipal procurements are regulated by the Public Procurements Act, LOU, and must be published. The same day as a procurement is published, the procurement documents shall also be available electronically. The announcement shall state where these documents are available.

It is not as easy to get an overview of private procurements as public procurements. To find requests for tenders from private organisations you can subscribe to one of the monitoring services that are available. There are a number of private companies that offer this service.

There may be other databases and monitoring services. Announcements that are published in one database are often spread to other databases. It may be difficult to obtain comprehensive monitoring of all requests for tenders via only one database. It can therefore be a good idea to use several databases and monitoring services.

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