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Inspection and delivery


When the building is considered to be completed, it is time for final inspection, also known as the contract inspection. The  content of the final inspection shall be based on the contract agreement(s) that have been created. The objective is to check that the contract has been completed according to the agreement(s).

Final inspection

Final inspection shall be carried out at the end of the agreement period unless the parties have agreed otherwise. The contractor shall notify the client well in advance of when the contract is expected to be completed and available for final inspection. If the contract is finished after the end of the agreement period, the final inspection shall be carried out without delay after the contract has been reported as complete.

The final inspection is normally done by an independent inspector or inspection group that the client appoints.


The content of the final inspection shall be based on the contract agreement(s) that have been created. The inspector, or inspection group, determines if the contract has been carried out according to the agreements made or if deviations have been identified. If the inspector finds faults that are numerous or of substantial significance, the contract can be rejected. The inspector shall approve the contract if the faults found are not of a major extent or of major significance. In the inspection report, deficiencies and remarks that the inspector does not consider to be the responsibility of the contractor shall also be noted.

Upon approval

The final inspection is concluded with a final meeting where notice shall be provided whether or not the contract has been approved. After an approved final inspection, the contract is handed over and the guarantee period begins. The approval is effective from the date of the final meeting.

Further information

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