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Personal data on the website, in e-mail and on social media

Boverket is a national authority. This means that messages that are sent to us become public documents that may be released under the principle of public access to public documents. This means that everyone has the right to read all mail that the authority receives.

Boverket is the personal data controller for the processing of personal data on the website. Personal data that is provided in connection with orders of material is only saved as long as necessary to be able to expedite the order. If we receive payment for the material, the invoice documentation is saved according to applicable bookkeeping rules.

To use some of our services on boverket.se, you need to provide your personal data. Here are some examples of such services:

  • If we are to answer a question you have asked via the website.
  • To be able to apply for a grant directly through digital forms.
  • Subscription to any of our newsletters.
  • Registration for a conference or similar.
  • The use of any of our other forms.

E-mail addresses

If you subscribe to our newsletter, register for a conference or use any other form, your registration is a received public document. This means that Boverket may be obliged to release e-mail addresses if somebody so requests.

Social media

Boverket uses the following social media to distribute information and conduct dialogues:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

In these social media, we process personal data in accordance with applicable legislation.

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