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Urban Density Done Right

Ideas on densification of cities and other communities

Urban Density Done Right
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Densification is not only about building housing. It is also about creating a good built environment for the people who live, work and spend time in the city. Supplementation is intended to create added value, while at the same time making good use of existing values and qualities.

In this document we explain some of the challenges and opportunities of densification and give inspiration to readers to think in new ways. Interviews are conducted with a few people about how they approach the challenges that exist. For example: how people's needs for sunlight and daylight can be satisfied, how disturbing sounds in a dense city can be handled, how vegetation can be used as a resource, how room for public services can be created, and how a densification strategy for the entire city might be developed.

We also highlight a number of examples of municipal densification projects, all of which have added value over and above new housing.

We hope that this document will spark new ideas and inspire people who are involved in urban planning or are simply interested in the development of cities and communities.

The publication is also available in Swedish.

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