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4 World Urban Forum

Nanjing China

4 World Urban Forum
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Sweden demonstrated a true commitment to the fourth World Urban Forum in Nanjing by sending a delegation of more than 200 people from national government, government agencies, municipalities, universities and private sector. With its large delegation and active contributions to the Forum, “Team Sweden” was one of the most recognised participants. The Swedish Centre was crowded with visitors throughout from the first to the last day of the Forum.

The broad Swedish participation demonstrated a strong commitment from a wide variety of sectors to engage in urban development; an excellent practical example of the Swedish Policy for Global Development. Decisive action is required to face our urban future. This report is documenting the Swedish participation at WUF 4 and gives evidence that “Team Sweden” is ready to take on the challenges. The report is based on statements and inputs given by Swedish actors who participated at WUF 4, and whom we wish to thank for their successful contribution.


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