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Are house prices driven by a housing shortage?

There are several factors that have an influence on the increasing housing prices. Higher incomes are the strongest factor, because it leads to a stronger demand – with raising prices as a result. Even the living closeness have an effect on prices, as well as expected price increase and terms of lending.

Broaden your outlook

This publication gives examples of planning methods that can be used to include the security and gender equality aspects in planning. It is one of three independent booklets that together consider security from a gender equality perspective.

Building for a Changing Climate

Adaptation through planning and construction can help to reduce the negative effects of climate change, such as flooding, landslides, landslips, and erosion. The brochure provides guidance and support to for example propertyowners, developers and officials in municipalities and the state.

CE mark now!

If you are a manufacturer of construction products, you are responsible that your products meet the existing regulations. From 1 July 2013, construction products covered by a harmonised standard must have a declaration of performance and CE marking to be sold within the EU.

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