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Responsibilities of the property owner


As a property owner, you are responsible for the technical standard and safety of the property. You also have responsibility for the health and safety of those who live, work and stay around the property.

The Environmental Code, 1998:808, requires a property owner to conduct self-inspections. The property owner shall have procedures for identifying, discovering, preventing and addressing deficiencies in its activities.

The property owner shall maintain and manage the property so that the residents do not suffer difficulties or fall ill due to deficiencies in buildings. According to the Environmental Code, a dwelling shall:

  • provide adequate protection against heat, cold, draught, moisture, noise, radon, air pollutants and other similar disruptions
  • have adequate air exchange either through devices for ventilation or otherwise
  • allow adequate daylight
  • be kept adequately heated
  • provide the possibility to maintain good personal hygiene
  • have access to water in an adequate amount and of an acceptable quality for drinking, cooking, personal hygiene and other household purposes.

This shall be ensured and checked by the property owner. There shall be procedures for checks and measures that are known and followed in the maintenance of the property. The environment and health protection committee in the municipality can determine in its supervision if a specific procedure is acceptable.

The property owner shall be aware of the legislation in the Environmental Code that concerns operations, as well as other legislation that may apply to operation, such as Boverkets building regulations. As a property owner, you must among other things also be aware of authority requirements regarding:

  • Obligatory ventilation controls
  • Lifts
  • Systematic fire safety work
  • Radon
  • PCBs
  • Coolants in refrigeration and heat pump systems
  • Playgrounds.

Besides the role as owner and manager, the property owner can also be the landlord, employer and developer. These roles are also associated with responsibilities.

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