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Building as a developer

  1. Analyse construction and housing market 1
  2. Develop building projects 2
  3. Planning process 3
  4. Running a business 4
  5. Project planning 5
  6. Permits and notifications 6
  7. Request for quotation, RFQ, documentation 7
  8. Tendering process 8
  9. Production 9
  10. Inspection and delivery 10
  11. Warranty period 11
  12. Management 12

The developer’s inspections

The developer shall ensure that measures requiring a permit or notification are checked according to the inspection plan that the building committee established in the starting clearance.

These checks can be carried out either within the framework of the developer's documented self-inspection or by an independent certified expert.

If a measure is subject to a permit or notification, the developer shall ensure that it is checked according to the inspection plan that the local building committee established in connection with the start decision. The developer is responsible for drafting an inspection plan with help from the inspection manager. The inspection plan shall be adapted to the circumstances of the individual case, which means that it shall be object-specific and have the structure and degree of detail necessary to ensure that:

  • essential technical requirements are met
  • the prohibition regarding distortion is followed
  • the requirements on caution are followed.

The inspection plan shall contain the following information:

  • which inspections are to be done and what they shall cover
  • who shall perform the inspections
  • what notifications should be made to the municipality
  • what site visits the municipality should do and when they should take place
  • identification of any hazardous waste expected from demolition measures
  • how to dispose of hazardous waste and other waste.

The inspection plan shall also state the extent to which the control shall be done

  • within the scope of the developer's documented self-inspection, or
  • by an independent certified expert.

The developer's requirements on self-inspection should be clarified in the contract documents

It should be clarified in the contract documents to which extent the contractor shall carry out and document self-inspection according to requirements in the inspection plan. An established inspection plan should be attached to the contract documents. Supplementary information may be required to clarify what the contractor shall do in terms of for example inspections and reports that are addressed in the inspection plan. In addition to the items in the inspection plan, the developer can contract that the contractor performs additional self-inspections.

Further information

Boverket may not provide additional information to what is stated on the website.

For more information on this issue, we recommend that you contact the relevant municipality.


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