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The 2018 Housing Market Survey in brief


The housing market survey conducted by Boverket (Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning) presents a unique and cohesive picture of the housing market in Sweden in 2018.

This year, 288 of Sweden's 290 municipalities responded to the survey. You can find the results of the survey at the municipal level in open data.

The housing market in 2018 in six points

  • A total of 243 municipalities consider a housing deficit in the market. That is 12 municipalities fewer than last year. At the same time, more municipalities consider the housing market to be in balance. A total of 42 municipalities consider balance, which are 8 municipalities more than last year.
  • The housing market in three years, the municipality as a whole: A total of 195 municipalities predict a shortage of housing in three years.

  • The situation is still challenging for groups of people that are new to the housing market. This applies to, for example, young people, recent immigrants, and elderly people who want to move to a more accessible home. The situation is strained, despite this year's increase in housing.
  • More municipalities develop guidelines for housing provision. According to the survey this year, 223 municipalities have adopted guidelines during the current or last mandate periods.
  • There are still deficits on student housing in the country's university municipalities. However, the municipalities expect student housing to increase. A total of 36 municipalities plan to start building a total of approximately 7 800 student housing units in 2018 and 2019.
  • The situation regarding special housing is troubling in general and in specific for the elderly and the disabled. The housing market survey 2018 finds that 169 municipalities experience special housing deficit for the disabled and 116 municipalities experience special housing deficit for the elderly.
Further information

For further information, please contact Boverket.

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