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Environmental certification of buildings and infrastructure in Sweden

Environmental certification is a tool to quantify and assess environmental performance of a building, a city district or an infrastructure project. It can also be a means to achieve set environmental objectives for a project.

The use of environmental certification systems is voluntary as there are no authority requirements. Clients for a project may still require that a building must fulfil a certain level in an environmental certification system.

The environmental certification systems have different focuses and can be used to certify different types of projects. In Sweden, there are a number of environmental certification systems for buildings and infrastructure. Some are used internationally, such as LEED, and some are used at a Nordic/national level, such as Swan Ecolabel and the Sweden Green Building Council system Miljöbyggnad.

There are a number of environmental certification systems used in Sweden. The systems are currently administered by two organisations.

Two organisations administrate the certification systems
The most common environmental certification systems


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