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Building as a contractor

  1. Running a business 1
  2. Find building projects 2
  3. Tendering process 3
  4. Project planning 4
  5. Production 5
  6. Inspection and delivery 6
  7. Warranty period 7

Finding workforce

The Swedish Public Employment Service and staffing agencies are the most usual way of finding workforce.

There are a number of possibilities for finding suitable workforce in Sweden. The Swedish Public Employment Service is a state owned administrative authority. The Swedish Public Employment Service shall work to improve the labour market by effectively bringing together those who are seeking work and those who are seeking a workforce. The services offered by the Swedish Public Employment Service are free of charge.

Another way of finding personnel is to use a private staffing agency. There are a number of staffing agencies in Sweden, some of them dedicated to specific industry sectors. Staffing agencies help you to search for personnel whom you can hire temporarily or offer employment in your company.

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