Guide for applying for a building permit

Here you can read about how to apply for a building permit.

  1. Ask the building committee whether you need a building permit

    In order to find out whether you need a building permit, you should contact the building committee in the municipality of the property.
    If the building committee thinks that you need a building permit, you should send an application.

  2. Sending the application and all documents

    You can apply for a building permit in your municipal building committee.
    The application should be in writing.
    The application should contain the information, drawings and other documents which the municipality needs to work with the application and make a decision.

  3. The building committee conducts an initial examination

    First the building committee checks whether you really need a building permit.
    They will also check whether all the documents have been included.

    If you have not sent all the documents, the building committee will ask you to supplement the application, which means that you should send the missing documents.

  4. You receive an acknowledgement of receipt

    When the building committee thinks that your application is complete, the building committee will send an acknowledgement of receipt to you.
    The acknowledgement of receipt contains information on how long it will take for the building committee to decide on a building permit.
    Information on how to appeal the decision will also be provided.

  5. How the building committee works with your building permit application

    When you apply for a building permit, the building committee investigates whether a detailed development plan or special area regulations apply for your property.
    And in this case whether these allow you to build what you want.

    The building committee also investigates whether the building has a good shape and colour, and whether it is accessible for people with a functional impairment.
    After you have sent a complete application, you will receive the building permit decision within 10 weeks.

    Sometimes the building committee will ask, for example, neighbours and organisations what they think about the building.

  6. The building committee will decide on your building permit

    When you receive your building permit, your neighbours will be notified that a building permit has been approved for you.
    Then they have three weeks to appeal the decision.

    Notification about the decision will also be published in the newspaper.
    The decision can be appealed within one week of the decision being published in the newspaper.

    If nobody appeals the decision, the building permit decision will enter into force.
    This means that nobody can appeal the decision.

    If the building committee rejects your building permit application, you can appeal the decision to the county administrative board.
    The county administrative board can then choose to change the municipality's decision or to reject your appeal.

    Your building permit is not valid if you do not start building within two years, or if you have not completed the building within five years.

    You may not begin building until you have received clearance from the building committee.

  7. The building committee holds a technical consultation

    When the building committee has approved your building permit application, the building committee will often hold a meeting called a 'technical consultation.'
    In the technical consultation you will talk about how you should plan and organise the work.

    If no technical consultation is required, the building committee shall issue you with clearance as soon as you receive a decision to approve your building permit, or as soon as possible thereafter.

  8. You receive clearance

    You can start building when you receive your clearance.
    If you start building without clearance, you may be forced to pay a fee.

  9. The building committee makes a worksite inspection

    After you have received your clearance, the building committee will visit the worksite.
    The building committee records the inspection.

  10. The building committee holds a final consultation

    Normally, the building committee will hold a final consultation when the project comes to an end.

    This takes place if you have had a technical consultation earlier.
    The final consultation is normally held in the place where you have carried out the building.
    During the final consultation, you will look at how the building has followed the ITP and whether it has followed the decision in the clearance.

    The building committee will also look into whether they will be able to issue final clearance to you.

  11. You receive final clearance

    The building committee will issue final clearance to you when you have showed that you have done everything you should have done.

    You are not allowed to start using a building before you have received final clearance.

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