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People born outside Sweden live differently


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People born in other countries do not have the same opportunities to get a residence as people who are born in Sweden.

It is more common for foreign-born people to live in apartments with right of tenancy and less common for them to reside in private homes.
But they live in tenant-owned apartments to the same extent as people born in Sweden.

Foreign-born people live in private homes to a lesser extent as they often have lower incomes and less opportunities to borrow money.
They also have less knowledge of how the housing market in Sweden functions in terms of rules and practices.

They also live in and close to cities where there are many apartments with right of tenancy and tenant-owned apartments.
They live there either because they want to or because they cannot get a residence anywhere else.

The differences between foreign-born people and those born in Sweden are decreasing over time in the country.
Foreign-born people who have lived in Sweden for a long time have incomes and residences which are becoming more similar to those of people born in Sweden.

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