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PCPC, Construction Products Regulation contact point

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The Swedish PCPC helps economic operators to orient themselves between the harmonized technical specifications, the Construction Products Regulations, and the Swedish legal system.

Language Requirements

The declaration of performance, chemical information according to REACH, instructions, and safety information shall be in Swedish for construction products sold in Sweden. It is the manufacturer's responsibility to translate the documentation into the language required in the country of marketing. We recommend that the information in the CE marking of construction products is written in Swedish for products to be sold on the Swedish market.

The role of the Swedish PCPC

Construction products covered by a harmonized technical specification must be CE marked. Which essential characteristics need to be declared in the declaration of performance and CE marking depend on the rules applicable in the Member State where the product is to be sold. In the Swedish building regulations, the requirements concern the function and performance of the finished construction works, rather than the characteristics of individual construction products.

The PCPC provides information on how the essential characteristics in the harmonized technical specifications relate to the Swedish regulatory system and refers to the relevant sections in the regulations. To find out more about the relation between CPR and the Swedish building regulations, see the related information. In addition to the characteristics to be declared because of requirements in the Swedish building regulations, the manufacturer or the customer might consider that other characteristics specified in the harmonized technical specification are relevant to declare because of the specific intended use of the construction product.

The PCPC also supports the economic actors with translations of the terms for the essential characteristics. The purpose is to avoid translations that can be misleading. The PCPC intends to make a list available with suggestions for Swedish terms for all the essential characteristics.

To ask a question to the Swedish point of contact CPR, or if you would like to contact the point of contact in another Member State, follow the links to those webpages.

CPR contact points in other countries

CPR regulates how construction products shall be described when made available on the internal market. Please refer to one of these specific construction products contact points if you have questions about selling or using products in other countries.

List of Product Contact Points for Construction, European Commission

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