About Boverket's Building Regulations, BBR

Many people need to use Boverket's Building Regulations.

BBR, Boverket's Building regulations is available in English. This version, BBR 23, is not the latest version. Later versions are BBR 24 BFS 2016:13 and BBR 25 BFS 2017:5 and are only available in Swedish. The English interpretation in only for informative purpose. It is the Swedish version of the latest BBR that is legally binding.

The regulation text itself is available under Publications, follow the link in "Related information"

Who does what?


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Boverket drafts mandatory provisions and general recommendations in Boverket's Building Regulations.

The Government

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The Government adopts the Planning and Building Ordinance, PBO. http://www.government.se/

The Parliament

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The Parliament adopts the Planning and Building Act, PBA.www.riksdagen.se in English

The municipal building committee

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