Building in Sweden

Here you will find information about different aspects of building in Sweden.

About building regulations

A house under contruction. Photo: i Stock

When you build a building you need to follow the building code. The building code in Sweden contains mandatory provisions and general recommendations.

Translated building regulations

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Boverket has translated some of the regulations that Boverket has published.


A pile of slaters. Photo: Hans Ekestang

Here you can find information about various products.


 A house under construction. Photo: iStock

A credit guarantee is an insurance policy that lenders can take out for loans on new and renovated housing, and when purchasing real estate to be converted into cooperative, tenant-owner housing.

Energy performance certificate

This article explains what an energy performance certificate is, when it should be created and what it can be used for. You can also read about our Web services, which exist both for those looking to purchase a property or rent a home and for those who own a building.

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