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BOVERKET - The Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning

The Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning – BOVERKET – is a central government authority led by Director General Ms Janna Valik. Our authority is administered by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs and supported by an Advisory Board consisting of delegates who are commissioned by the central government.

A man who carry a young girl and Boverket. Foto: Lars Forsstedt

Boverket is organised in four departments: two Operations Departments, the Analysis Department and the Administrative Department.

The Operations Departments are fulfilling authority-related responsibilities regarding the use of land, water and nature resources; the town and country planning; building construction and management of the built environment; and administration of related public subsidies.

The Analysis Department is dealing with the contemporary development of the housing market and living conditions. The analyses are made from a broad perspective on planning, building and housing.

The Administrative Department is in charge of human resources, economy, IT and information.

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